About University

Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health was established in 1991 and is situated in Fergana city, Uzbekistan under the Fergana State University. At present, it has an affiliation with various medical institutes in Uzbekistan and provides higher medical education in the category of General medicine, Medical and pedagogical, Medical and preventive case, Higher medical care, and many more.
Fergana Medical Institute has accreditation with WHO and MCI/NMC which is why its degree is valid and globally recognized. Its authentic, reliable education quality and method of teaching focused on theoretical as well as practical knowledge.
Fergana institute is one of the best medical institutes having 147 professors and around 19 departments on campus. It provides opportunities to the students for research and to become a specialist in their chosen stream or subject. It provides a world-class study environment for the students with all facilities required to become successful doctors.
The duration of the medical course at Fargana Institute is 5 years which also includes internships in the affiliated hospitals. It will give theoretical as well as practical exposure to the students and an opportunity to learn from senior or experienced doctors.