Holi Celebration at Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health, Uzbekistan

Holi is not only the festival of colours but also an occasion of togetherness when even enemies hug and put colours to each other by forgetting all glitches. Indian people celebrate it every year with full enthusiasm and excitement, thus many people think that students who are going to study MBBS Abroad miss their festivals but things are very different from what others think.

As Indian students are promised that they won’t feel homesickness, Fergana Medical college’s management makes all the arrangements for the festival celebration. 

Recently, on 18 March 2022, Indian students who are pursuing an MBBS course at Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health celebrated the Holi festival with all their countrymates and college staff.

Here’s how Indian students celebrate Holi at Fergana Medical college, Uzbekistan

The Holi celebration at Fergana medical institute of public health started in the morning. Students started gathering in the middle of college premises. Initially, Indian students put Tilak on the forehead of faculties and senior members. 

After that the celebration got its pace, students started playing Holi by putting Gulal on each other’s faces.

The whole environment of the colleges was filled with different colours like pink, green, blue and many more. Amidst these colours, there were some invisible colours that were mixed in the environment — the colours of happiness, the colours of togetherness, the colours of unity and this is the reason that Fergana medical colleges celebrate all the festivals that are majorly celebrated across the world.

There were arrangements for dance, snacks and other things that added an extra sense of enjoyment among the students. Here are some glimpses of the Holi celebration at Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health, Uzbekistan.

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