Medical student life at Fergana Uzbekistan

Medical student life at Uzbekistan

About Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is located in central Asia and is a doubly landlocked country. It has a high literacy rate and is known for having the largest population in Central Asia. Uzbekistan is one of those countries which lies on the silk route which reflects the quality of Islamic architecture

Indian Medical students can enjoy several alpine lakes, green oases, steppes and various plains. It is a country of cities which have a huge historic background and are famous across the world. There are various tourist attractions and infrastructures with impressive architecture that become the hotspots for tourists and students also can refresh their minds by visiting these places.

Over the time, the country has evolved in its tourism infrastructure offering various services. At present, it has become an excellent holiday destination that offers exciting adventures like paragliding, mountain climbing, Jeep Safari and many more. All the places provide great hospitality services and provide a feeling of comfort and safety.


The temperature of Uzbekistan ranges from 0 °C  to 40 °C which means it witnesses very cold winters and hot summers. This is why it is the best place to visit Uzbekistan in the spring and autumn seasons.


Uzbekistan culture is a mix of various ethnic cultures. The majority of the population are Uzbeks in the majority and others like Kazakhs, Tajiks, Russians are in minority. The culture of Uzbekistan can be also reflected in its music which plays a key role in their daily lives. We can hear this music at every event from a family occasion to religious events and weddings also. Every occasion is incomplete without a flavour of its traditional music.

Modes of transportation for Indian Medical students in Uzbekistan

Transportation in Uzbekistan is available for all citizens. Indian Medical students can use all modes of transportation to visit any place while studying MBBS courses. Some modes of transportation are as follows:


For Uzbekistan’s citizens, the most convenient travel options are buses because they operate in almost all the major cities. Though buses are quite cheap so it gets overcrowded several times.


Well, this transportation facility is only available in Tashkent till now, but it is another cheap mode of transportation. Students can ride comfortably in the metro in less time to reach their destination. Indian MBBS students who are staying in Tashkent city only can use this service.


The Railway network in Uzbekistan connects all the major cities of the country. Students can travel anywhere in the country where the train track network is available at very affordable rates. Some of the well-connected routes by famous trains are listed below:

Sharq: Fast train between Tashkent – Samarkand – Bukhara

Nasaf: Fast train between Tashkent – Samarkand 

Afrosiyob: Fast train between Tashkent – Samarkand

Night Trains: Run between Tashkent – Bukhara, Tashkent – Urgench, Samarkand – Tashkent, Bukhara – Samarkand


Taxis and cabs are also available in Uzbekistan. These cabs can be booked online at fixed prices. There are offline taxi facilities also for which you will have to fix a price before riding, you can bargain here with the fare.

Security & Safety of Indian Medical students for MBBS course in Uzbekistan.

The country is considered safe and secure for the Indian people. The local citizens are friendly towards international students and try to make them comfortable with their polite gestures. Students can also feel safe while living in the country throughout the academic years. The law and orders are strict and all the local people abide by the laws properly. It is suggested to the students that do not spend late night hours outside the university. 

5 Tips For A Successful Student Life In Uzbekistan

Being a foreign student in any new country you may have an exciting experience but you will also face some challenges and difficulties while adapting to the new environment and culture of that country.

But the universities like Fergana Medical college of Public Health left no unturned to make you comfortable. A lot of things also depend on your characteristics because getting a medical degree from anywhere in the world is not like having a piece of cake. You will face hectic classroom schedules where you will undergo various theoretical and practical classroom sessions.

You have to work extremely hard throughout your degree, but all these moments will become memorable for you. But it is important to maintain a healthy balance between your personal life and studies to grow your overall personality.

Medicine is a profession that is the dream of many but only a few get a chance to pursue it. If you are among those lucky people who have come to Uzbekistan to chase your dream, you must understand how important it is to keep a balance in your life and studies and how to handle new challenges in a new country.

5 tips can help you in adjusting to a new country and make your student life easy and smooth.

Try to find a mentor

Once you enter college life, you will be surrounded by many people like your seniors, teachers, and other college staff who will help you in your college in various tasks. Once you start interacting with them you will come to know who helps you the most.

Your mentor could be anyone, It could be your teacher, your senior or your classmate as well on which you can trust. Keep these people around yourself. Having a mentor not only helps you in your college life but also helps you in your personal life. It doesn’t matter if you are living in a hostel or renting a flat.

If you have a good network while studying MBBS in Uzbekistan, you will get the right guidance to fight through the hardships.

The habit of prioritizing your work

Prioritizing your work whether it is a study or personal work is a good habit that helps you throughout your life. While studying in Uzbekistan, you will have a burden of dozens of books from biochemistry to anatomy and others. It is impossible to mug up all the topics and no matter how hard the study is, once you learn the skill to be organized in your studies you will smartly grow in your student life.

It is advisable to have a study routine that should properly adhere. You can update your schedule in exams or when required.

Yes, bunking class, hanging out with friends is also important to have fun in student life but if it starts happening in excess it may hamper your learning and growth in the long run. Plan for long term goals like you will have to clear FMGE exam for making a career in India, USMLE for making a career in the USA, you must be well prepared and organized throughout your college journey.

3. Make a good friends circle

Once you have organized your studies, you will need to relax a bit for which you will have to make good relationships with your friends, your neighbours and other people with whom you meet regularly. MBBS study can be challenging and rigid sometimes, thus having a good network of good friends will help you to get relaxed from your hectic study schedule. Having a good friend network is also essential for a strong support system.

4. Find your motivation source

MBBS is a demanding course, there are some times when you might feel like giving up or going back home because of various reasons. This time when you feel low you will need the motivation to keep your efforts continue.

The key thing to get motivated is to remember your goal is always in your mind and don’t distract from it. You should think about why you have started this journey.

5. Stay fit and health

You must keep your health on your priority while studying MBBS in Uzbekistan because many students get indulged in the hectic schedule of study and other things, in this situation they neglect their health which creates a huge impact and has many side effects. 

To maintain good mental and physical health, you should make a routine of physical exercise and meditation because there is a high chance that you will end up studying for hours without any break. So it is very crucial to stay motivated and focused on your goal of becoming a good doctor but with maintaining your health as well. Take proper diet, nutrition and sleep for at least 7 hours a day to maintain the right level of energy for the entire day.

Final TakeAway

MBBS study in Uzbekistan looks so fascinating from the perspective of students who are just on the verge of their admission. They start weaving their dream in a thread that they will do this or they will do that after landing at their favorite MBBS abroad admission. But due to a very hectic schedule, they lose their harmony with study and personal life balance. 

If you maintain this balance in your daily routine, no doubt the MBBS journey in Uzbekistan will become memorable for you because here you will find everything which a student seeks for.

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