White Coat Ceremony - Fergana State Medical Institute of Public Health

Oath/White Coat Ceremony – A new chapter in MBBS student’s Journey

“White Coat is a Trust of patients which are donned by Doctors”

Marking the beginning of the professional medical career of students, Fergana Medical College of Public Health conducted an Oath ceremony where students donned their white coats for the first time and took a pledge to serve humanity with honesty.


It was an overwhelmed feeling for the students wearing the white coat for the first time in front of teachers and mentors. These first-year medical students have accepted the mantle of the medical profession at their White Coat Ceremony.

They recited the conventional Hippocratic Oath which has been taken by all physicians pledging their allegiance to the profession, their compatriots, their seniors and their duty towards their patients.

Hippocrates is considered to be the father of modern medicine and this oath is taken by the medical profession to treat the ill in the best possible way, to keep the patient’s privacy and to teach what they have learned to the next generation.

Oath/White coat ceremony at Fergana Medical Institute of Public health, Uzbekistan

The Oath/White coat ceremony is being conducted in Fergana medical college to inspire the budding doctors to take a humane approach to patient-centred care. Like every year the ceremony function was started showing a gesture of respect to the senior doctors and respected authorities of the colleges which were followed by a brief orientation of the college, course and future of these budding doctors.

The other purpose of conducting the White Coat ceremony was to emphasise the importance of scientific excellence and compassionate care for the patients.

Here you can see glimpses of the Oath/White coat ceremony conducted at Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health.

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