Fergana Medical school of Public Health Signed an MOU with Gurgaon university

Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health Signed an MOU with Gurugram university

Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health has signed an MOU with the Gurugram University of India to provide excellence in medical education. This is the first time that Fergana medical institute of Public has collaborated with any Indian medical college. Both are government universities renowned in their respective countries.

Under this agreement, students of the Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health will be able to study at Gurugram University and students of  Gurugram University will be able to study at Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health. For this, the selection and enrollment of students will be done by the home university or institute on the basis of educational qualification.

Both the universities will ensure that an equal number of students are exchanged. This agreement will benefit the students and also include a staff exchange and research exchange program with the aim of strengthening ties through joint projects and activities of the two universities.

On this occasion, the chancellor of Fergana medical Institute, Prof. Sidikov Akmal Abdikakharovich, and Vice-Chancellor of Gurugram university Prof. Dinesh Kumar signed an MOU and ensured that Fergana medical college would extend all possible support for the effective implementation of this partnership.

This MOU was signed at Gurugram university which is located near the capital city of India i.e New Delhi. On this occasion, the Vice-Chancellor of the Institute from Uzbekistan, Prof. Eldorbeck, Prof.Nigora, Dr Sanjay Sehrawat, Prof. MS Turan, Dr Rakesh Kumar Yogi, Dr Dhirendra Kaushik, Dr Suman Vashisht, Dr Annapurna, Dr Amarjeet and Dr Ashok Khanna, Dr Shivkant and other delegates of both the universities were present.

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