Women’s Day Celebration - Fergana medical institute of public health

Along with millions of people around the globe, Fergana medical institute of public health also celebrated International Women’s Day on 8th March 2022. 


Every year International Women’s Day is celebrated as a global day to recognise the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women in our society.

International women’s day has been celebrated since 1911 when the first IWD gathering took place and was supported by millions of people. Today, IWD is celebrated by all groups collectively everywhere in every country or every organization.

On this special event, Fergana Medical College conducted a special programme or gathering to encourage the females of Fergana medical college by recognising their work in their respective fields.

The programme was preceded with a lot of activities including dance, conversation and dinner. Fergana medical institute offers equal rights and freedom to both males & females and the management genuinely believes in gender equality. All the women including female students were present at the celebration and enjoyed the programme very much. The celebration started with cake cutting custom and with some happy moments.

In this event, everyone shares their thoughts on issues like women empowerment, safety, security & gender equality. It was an inspiring event and was a great learning experience for everyone as all the folks have got the opportunity to broaden their knowledge about such an important and sensitive topic.

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